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About Nepal

Nepal is one of the most beautiful and imaginative dreamlands in South of Asia. It is the home to the world's highest mountain Mt. Everest (8848m), the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha, the world's richest bio- diversity with incredible variety of Flora and Fauna, thundering rivers, the deepest gorge, hidden valleys and variation of topography from the lowest to the highest altitude. It is a land of ancient history, colorful cultures and friendly people. Visitors can observe delightful and colorful numerous annual festivals celebrated in traditional style highlighting different customs and beliefs. Nepal is undoubtedly a holiday maker's paradise to explore adventure, culture and nature. The possibilities of exploration are endless, from short and strenuous trekking to mountaineering, river rafting, jungle safari and much more.......

Nepal at a Glance
Location: Situated between India and Tibet (China) Area: 147,181sq.Km.
Capital: Kathmandu
Political system: Republic Democratic (since 2007)
People: 100 ethnic groups and over 110 spoken language
Population: 28 million
Topography: From the world's deepest gorge Kali-Gandaki' to highest point on earth 'Everest'
Vegetation: Nepal possesses wide range of vegetation due to its unique topographical variations