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Sarah, Sumon, Kofi and Rosie(U.S.A)

Thank you very much Happy Trail for a wonderful trek. We had a great time. Everything was well organised and we felt very looked after. Rosie, our 2 and a half year old also loved it and was happy to be carried for 5 days up and down. Our guide and porters were lovely with her and my son and they all got on well.

The  mountains were amazing and the view from Poon Hill was incredible. We had a great time and enjoyed all of it,

Rita and Darrelle(USA)

We had a fantastic trek to ABC! Beautiful people, Fabulous conversation, and lots of laughter. Our whole month was planned by the staff at happy trails. May many blessings come to this land and this company!


Thank you so much!

From Rafting to paragliding. Tibet to A.B.C We loved every part of this month in Nepal. Thank you for all the tea and friendship. Blessings and love to you all.


Ashley(USA, California)

Trekking Nepal in August? Not a problem, especially if you like challenges! Afternoon rains, small small leeches, and temporary fog didn't stop us, my dear som and I ! We might have even made a new speed record to go through Langtang, Gosaikunda and Helambu! 11 days in total (and we took our time at the end).

It was a real pleasure to discover Nepal's mountains and life. We were very lucky to enjoy both 360 degree landscape views  of Langtang and Gosaikunda. 

For my next trip in Nepal, I'll for sure go back with Happy Trail , I'll warn for my return in advance!

Dear trekkers, enjoy Nepal with Happy trail as I did for these two weeks.


Dear Happy Trail Adventure,

Thank you so much for organising and managing our trip!

We had such a good time in Chitwan. We had a private guide and he spoke English really god and we saw a lot of animals, did some swimming and a boat trip. Also Pokhara was great. We love pokhara.

We were really happy with the agency. They did a really good job! . Even the price was absolutely good! Thank you soooo much! I

Jamie and Joch(Australia)

Had the greatest time! Pandi our guide was great. Happy Trail was really helpful, rabin helped in every way and we had a sick trip. Definitely will come back & go with Happy Trail.
Jamie (Australian)

We did the Annapurna Circuit with Happy Trail and it was amazing. The views and scenery were excellent!! Happy Trail is an excellent company to trek with, they organized everything for us and totally accomodated to our needs and wants . I definitely recommend Happy Trail to everyone.
Joch (Australian)


Hidden Trek- March 2012.. Paul From Canada
I Sure got what I was looking for , a trek far away from the beaten path, I have been to Nepal many times and done many of the traditional treks: Annapurna Circuit+ Base Camp, Helambu, Langtang where you meet many tourists and eat a variety of foods. The Arun Valley Trek is totally different.It is totallly immense in the Nepali culture, religion, superstitions and day to day life. I did not even get to meet a single tourist in this trek.Lots of dal bhat and lots of fun.The people there are very nice . The people are poor from our standards but they are clean and happy and proud of their culture.At night, I met locals who coul speak English and and sharing local alcohol ( rakshi ), we exchanged on Nepalese and Canadian life. These human experiences make you share unforgettable moments which I will treasure all my life.

Paul Bard


Remote Area Trekking November 2011
I asked for visiting remote areas and happy trail gave me an adventure I will never forget. I had the best time in my life- and i dont even know where to start when I try to tell about it, with the amazing scenary, maybe, or with all the warm welcoming people we met along the way or with the excellent food we were served, made on clay ovens and served sometimes on the floor, some times on tables. Oe with the sheep climbing uphill and downhill and refreshing swim in the river. It was like a fairytale.I am a journalist and therefore I wished to visit schools along the way to write articles about them and Happy Trail was most helpful in finding schools , translating and all such things that made my work very easy and fun.
I warmly from the bottom of my Heart recommend Happy Trail!!

Henderson Jarrett(Australia )

We did the walking tour of Kathmandu and it was amazing . I have spent months in Kathmandu previously and thought I had seen everything, but I was proven wrong today. I had not seen any of these amazing sites before. Our guide was great and very konwledgable. We would recommmend this guided tour to anyone!

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